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About uGet

uGet Core Team

Profile Photo of uGet Project Founder, C.H. Huang

C.H. Huang
uGet Project Founder

Contributions: Core Developer of uGet (All Versions: Linux, Windows and Android app), Author of the Chinese Simplified & Traditional Translations, Co-Author of English Translation.

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Michael Tunnell
uGet Project Manager

Contributions: Upstream Liaison, Designer (App, Website & Logo), Translation Management, Support Management, Social Media Management, Marketing, Co-Author of English Translation, Part-Author of Chrome Extension.

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Roque Pinel

Contribution: Core Developer of the uGet Google Chrome Extension. The uGet extension was based on the SimpleGet extension which was also by Roque.

note icon faenza styleWebsite: www.pinel.cc

What is uGet?

uGet is a lightweight and full-featured Download Manager for for Linux, BSD, Android, and Windows.

Notable Features:
multiple parallel streams for download acceleration, Download Queue, Pause & Resume downloads, Advanced Category Management, Browser Integration, Clipboard Monitoring, Batch Downloads, localized into 23 Languages, and many more features.

Supported Linux Distros:
Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, openSUSE, Arch Linux, Gentoo, Slackware, Linux Mint, elementary OS, Mageia, Semplice, and SparkyLinux;


A Brief History of uGet

  • The uGet Project started back in January 2003 as UrlGet and throughout the years has had a few name variations until we settled on "uGet" in 2008.

    uGet was originally a GTK+2 based application that worked on various GTK+2 based distributions but in 2011 was upgraded to GTK+3 in anticipation of the technology advancement in the Linux Desktop. uGet still works on distributions that use GTK+2 but users will need to also add the GTK+3 packages to their system.




Mihas' Varantsou

Bengali (Bangladesh)



Atanas Kovachki

Chinese (Simplified)

C.H. Huang

Jason L.H.

Chinese (Traditional)

C.H. Huang




Filip Kemuel


Richárd Kurják



Oriya (India)



Piotr Ozarowski

Miś Uszatek

Artur Frącek

Portuguese (Brazil)

Rafael Ferreira


Pavlo Bohmat


Paul Zercy

Dmitry S.

Serbian (Latin)
Serbian (Serbia)


Slovak (Slovakia)



Vico Koby


Patrik Nilsson


Yiğit Ateş

Emin Tufan


Serhij Dubyk

Maks Lyashuk


Anh Phan