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uGet 2.2.0 and uGet for Android 1.4.8 Now Available! PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 13 January 2018 19:57 | Written by Michael Tunnell

Download: uGet 2.2.0 or uGet for Android 1.4.8


After almost a year of development, we are excited to announce the immediate availability of the latest stable version of uGet, version 2.2.0 and the latest version of uGet for Android, version 1.4.8. These releases include a LOT of improvements such as  bug fixes, maintenance improvements and many highly requested features like support for Downloading from YouTube.


New Notable Features:

  • Support for downloading from YouTube*
  • Support for downloading from MEGA
  • Batch Downloading up to 3 Wildcard Ranges
  • Better support for Wayland
  • New Browser Extension* (thanks to new team member, Gobinath) -> Get Extension

YouTube Note: uGet respects the YouTube Policies so depending on the individual settings of a video it may not be possible to download video from YouTube. The vast majority of videos will be available for use in uGet. The reason this was done instead of using something youtube-dl is because this method allows uGet for Android to also download YouTube videos as well as not have to worry about the ever changing APIs of YouTube that consistently break alternative methods of downloading.


Browser Extension: the new extension is compatible with Firefox, Chromium, Google Chrome, Opera, and Vivaldi. It is possible other browsers may be supported in the future. The extension was originally created as a 3rd Party Extension for Chrome so it has the project name "uGet Chrome Wrapper". Now that Gobinath, the developer of the extension, has joined the team and made it compatible with other browsers, the extension will be renamed in the near future to better reflect the functionality.



uGet Changelog since 2.0.10:


uGet 2.2.0: (2018-01-06)
1. mega plug-in: create new plug-in for MEGA site.
2. all plug-in: avoid crash if plug-in failed to start.
3. Fix: some category/status doesn't refresh it's download list.
4. update translation files.

uGet 2.1.6: (2017-08-24)
1. User can use sorting in any category and status.
2. curl plug-in: It can use ftruncate() to create large file.
3. media plug-in: don't use folder in path if folder == NULL.
4. Fix: uGet doesn't close File Descriptor when saving config file.
5. Fix: category functions can't work correctly. (2017-08-27)
6. add translation files.

uGet 2.1.5: (2017-02-18)
1. URL Sequence Batch can setup 3 wildcard range.
2. Use character ↓/↑ to replace D:/U: to display speed.
3. avoid configure file corrupted on sudden shutdown.
4. curl plug-in: crashes when download file > 4GB.
5. Fix: program will move download to incorrect position if user switch to offline mode.
6. Fix: Segmentation fault after pressing delete key on gtk window.
7. Fix: Wayland hidden tray.
8. update translation files.

uGet 2.1.4: (2016-05-16)
1. In speed limit mode, program adjust existing task speed when adding new task.
2. Add new setting "Display large icon".
3. Add configure argument "--enable-unix-socket" to use JSON-RPC over UNIX domain socket.
4. use msys2 + mingw to build uGet for windows.
5. curl plug-in: Don't use CURLAUTH_ANY, it causes authentication failed.
6. Fix: User can't use command-line to assign config directory (ui-gtk-1to2).
7. (2.1.3-2) Fix: Incorrect encoding on some characters (e.g. French characters)
8. (2.1.3-2) Fix: Program stop download queuing in some case. * uGet for Windows upgrade GTK+ from 3.10.4 to 3.16.6

uGet 2.1.3: (2016-04-10)
1. Fix: UI freeze if user activate download in sorted list.
2. Add Keywords entry into desktop file (Elías Alejandro Año Mendoza)
3. update translation files.

uGet 2.1.2: (2016-04-01)

1. Revert URI decoder to 2.0.4, it may fix incorrect encoding on some characters.

uGet 2.1.1: (2016-03-20)
1. curl plug-in: fix a bug that downloaded file may be incomplete in some case.
2. curl plug-in: improve downloaded segment handler.
3. curl plug-in: set min split size to 10 MiB.
4. curl plug-in: adjust speed if plug-in add/remove segments in speed limit mode.
5. aria2 plug-in: fix a memory leak.
6. media plug-in: report error if YouTube video has been removed. * This version fix bug that download speed is slow when progress near 100% * If you usually get error message "Incorrect source", I suggest you use this version.

uGet 2.1.0: (2016-02-20)
1. Add new media plug-in to get link from media website.
2. if file "uget-portable-mode" exists, data files save in installed folder. (Windows)
3. curl plug-in: avoid showing "99:99:99" in "elapsed" when downloading start.
4. curl plug-in: avoid reporting "Incorrect source" when downloading finished.
5. Fix: Program stop running download when user set "Runnable" to it. * In Windows, If "uget-portable-mode" and "uget.exe" place in the same folder, data files will save in uGet installed folder.



uGet for Android Changelog:

v1.4.8 Changes:
1. all plug-in: avoid crash if plug-in failed to start.

v1.4.7 Changes:
1. Fix: Program stops when user delete file in SD Card (Android 5+)
2. Fix: Program crash in some device.

v1.4.6 Changes:
1. uGet can download file from MEGA URL.
2. Add new translation: Danish and Swedish

v1.4.5 Changes:
1. Remember offline status.
2. Fix: Program crash when user is scrolling download list in some device.


We are so excited for the future of uGet, are you? Let us know in the comments section below what you think of this news. :)

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