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Turkish Translation Office: Thank you very much for your Transifex's Translation Management System. Really it is very hel...
uGet + Transifex = Easy to Use

Michael Tunnell: Awesome! Welcome fellow uGetter to the uGet Community. :)
uGet featured on the Linux Act

Marko: Thats how i got here!
uGet featured on the Linux Act

Michael Tunnell: yes Simple Screen Recorder is what I use now, this video was recorded before SSR existed but ...
How to Download Multiple Files

Michael DeGuzis: Does simple screen recorder work for you at all? I found it to be the extra edge over Gtk-RMD...
How to Download Multiple Files

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chhuang: I may not fix it in uGet 1.In my testing, this problem does not occur in uGet2.
Reports • Re: [Pending] Fini

MichaelTunnell: Answer to Request #2: Unfortunately libappindicator (system tray package library for Ubunt
ure Requests • Re: Start wit

MichaelTunnell: Update:We are currently considering this feature to be added or not to uGet. As soon as we
ure Requests • Re: [Pending]

MichaelTunnell: xub1990 wrote:Thanks for the tutorial
ure Requests • Re: Start wit

uGet Reaches 100,000 Downloads! PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 08 June 2013 06:58 | Written by Michael Tunnell


We are excited to announce that uGet has recently reached and exceeded 100,000 Downloads! This number will only grow so obviously we are excited about the future of uGet. Thank You to all the uGetters out there doing your part to share and grow the uGet community. This number is probably much larger when it comes to installs though because at the time Distros do not provide a way to see how many times your app is installed directly from their repos but hopefully that changes soon. We'd love to know exactly how many users we have as well as how many on each distro.


Thanks again to all of the uGetters and looking forward to another 100,000 and more!


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