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Michael Tunnell: I'm not sure what you mean, please provide additional information or record a video of the is...
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Beta Update: uGet 1.99.5 Now A

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Michael Tunnell: I don't know what you are asking, please clarify. Please be more specific as well.
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uGet for Android 1.0.9 is now

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uGet Extension for Chrome / Chromium is Now Available! PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 07 October 2013 19:00 | Written by Michael Tunnell


Update: Unfortunately, Google decided to remove support for NPAPI in Chrome which breaks our extension but we are working on a replacement so this blog post is currently out of date, I will make a new blog post when the new extension is done and ready for use. Sorry.




uGet Integration v1.0.1, the extension for Google Chrome and Chromium is available!


We at the uGet Team are pleased to announced the immediate availability of the Google Chrome / Chromium Extension for uGet called uGet Integration. uGet Integration was created in a joint effort thanks to Roque Pinel & Michael Tunnell. I (Michael Tunnell) would like to thank Roque for his contribution to this extension, which really entails 95% of the work, because without him this Extension wouldn't have been possible.


uGetters be sure to show your appreciation to Roque and we hope you all enjoy the extension. (click read more for download link)


Disclaimer: the extension is not currently in the Chrome Webstore because of the recent development changes that Google has instituted in the store structure that would break the extension in a couple months. The extension would continue to work in general but would no longer install from the store so we decided that we wanted to get it out as soon as possible and we will upgrade the extension to use the new Chrome store.


Don't worry though, it is very easy to install the extension even without the Chrome Store.



Download: uGet Integration 1.0.1




- Video Tutorials for Installing and Using the Extension -


alt          alt


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