This version requires GTK+ version 2.18+ or 3.0+
Warning: Don’t compile uget with libcurl4-gnutls-dev in Ubuntu 11.04
To use libcurl4-openssl-dev is better.

Some features will not work if you use aria2 plug-in with aria2 <= 1.9.
If you get message “aria2.getVersion failed”, it mean uget can’t connect to aria2 through XML-RPC.
make sure that your aria2 enable XML-RPC in compiling time and check network configuration.

What’s new since 1.7.5:
1. add “Force Start” to download menu.
2. avoid Ubuntu Unity crash if user disable “Always show tray icon” and close window.
3. fix display problems when uget is compiled with GTK+3
4. add Belarusian translation file (Mihas Varantsou)

uGet 1.7.6 GNU gettext pot file for translators

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