Part 1. curl plug-in:
1. support multi-thread downloading.
2. support mirrors.
3. support aria2 control file format ver 1 (aria2 v1.4.1).
4. It can allocate file by its size before downloading.
5. uGet1's downloaded file can't be resumed by uGet2. It is not compatiable.

Part 2. aria2 plug-in:
1. better BitTorrent and metalink support.
2. support JSON-RPC batch request to improve remote aria2 downloading.
3. support aria2 "--out" argument to set output filename.
4. support RPC authorization secret token (Aria2 v1.8.4 new feature)
5. add "split" option to avoid less connections if user specify mirrors.

Part 3. Application:
1. Every category has it's data file. (file format is JSON)
2. Program can set priority for each download in global speed limit mode.
3. Auto classifier by file extension, host, and scheme.
4. User can change category order.
5. All data files use JSON format. (not compatiable with uGet 1)
6. Global speed control can affect all plug-ins.
7. Skip existing URLs from clipboard and command-line.

Part 4. GTK+ User interface:
1. New setting dialog.
2. Adjust category selector in main window for touch screen.
3. Remember category selection and paned position.
4. Program can sort all downloads by status.
5. Program can launch custom command when download complete.
6. Remove feature: launching app for specified file types.
7. Don't notify completed if error occurs. It will notify error.
8. Banner can show uGet RSS message.
9. provide uget-1to2 (or uget-gtk-1to2) to convert setting from old uGet files.


There are more things planned as well for the future of uGet but the above are the features and changes that you can test in uGet2 right now.


Are you excited about uGet 2.x as much as we are? Either way, let us know in the comments section below or if preferred just make a reply on the forum.

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