1. curl plug-in: retry all URI (include mirrors) every time.
  2. curl plug-in: response error if file size is different.
  3. aria2 plug-in: change lowest speed limit to 128 byte/sec.
  4. aria2 plug-in: Don't change node name If URI scheme is "magnet".
  5. aria2 plug-in: Don't change URI If URI scheme is "magnet".
  6. aria2 plug-in: Don't set uploading status if no downloaded data.
  7. magnet: get and show name from magnet URI. v1.0.8 Changes:
  8. reduce start-up time.
  9. curl plug-in: reset speed if download thread restart.
  10. curl plug-in: change file auto rename counts to 10000.
  11. curl plug-in: response error if error occur when create large file.
  12. Fix: user can't pause some downloading task


Note* - If you are not comfortable with using Beta Software then please do not try this version of the app, just wait until the final version is released.


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