Quick Fix Download:



Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the above file and extract it to your desktop (or anywhere really)
  2. Open up the extracted folder, inside you will see an "ambiance" folder and a "radiance" folder, open whichever you use.
  3. Open up a terminal window (Shortcut is Ctrl + Alt + T) by typing in "Terminal" in the Dash. (You can also use the following command in the Command Dash via Alt + F2)
  4. Enter the following command: gksu nautilus "/usr/share/icons/hicolor/22x22/apps" (this will open up a nautilus window at the location of the tray icons.
  5. Drag & Drop the ambiance icons to the sudo window to replace the existing icons. - Choose to Overwrite the exiting icons.
  6. If you have uGet open, exit the app and relaunch it to see the fixed icons. If you don't have it running, just launch the app and the icons will be fixed.


Visual Instructions: screenshots



Thanks for using uGet and sorry again about this...we'll correct it as soon as possible.


If you have anything to say please do so in the comments below...



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