uGet 2.0: (2015-05-01)

  1. Try to ignore some error when parsing JSON file.
  2. clipboard monitor add a new file type 'WEBM'.
  3. Adjust main window default size.
  4. Add and update translation files.

uGet 1.99.6:

  1. provide JSON-RPC over TCP (connect to localhost:14777)
  2. match category by filename if URI doesn't match.
  3. reduce start-up time.
  4. Add some items to tray icon menu.
  5. category list in dialog use the same width in main window.
  6. Fix: command-line argument "--category-index" doesn't work.

uGet 1.99.5:

  1. curl plug-in: report more error (e.g. Failed to create file) after connecting.
  2. curl plug-in: avoid crash if filename repeated counts > 999
  3. aria2 plug-in: clear uploading flag if aria2 status changed.
  4. IPC: program can handle '\n' character from command-line. (for FlashGot)
  5. adjust main windows default size.
  6. restore main window position and size when window presented by command-line (IPC).
  7. Enable Individual Download Speed Limiting.
  8. Adjust widget layout and color for GTK+ 3.14
  9. Add and update translation files.

uGet 1.99.4:

  1. curl plug-in: retry all URI (include mirrors) every time.
  2. curl plug-in: response error if file size is different.
  3. aria2 plug-in: change lowest speed limit to 128 byte/sec.
  4. aria2 plug-in: Don't change node name If URI scheme is "magnet".
  5. aria2 plug-in: Don't change URI If URI scheme is "magnet".
  6. aria2 plug-in: Don't set uploading status if no downloaded data.
  7. magnet: get and show name from magnet URI.
  8. Adjust layout of Download Form for GTK+ 3.12.
  9. Implement multiple wildcards in Sequential Batch.
  10. Fix : discard filename option from command-line.

uGet 1.99.3:

  1. use abstract socket in linux by default.
  2. change category capacity limit from 9999 to 99999.
  3. reduce start-up time.
  4. curl plug-in: reset speed if download thread restart.
  5. curl plug-in: change file auto rename counts to 10000.
  6. curl plug-in: response error if error occur when create large file.
  7. Fix: program doesn't backup cookie or post file from command-line.
  8. Fix: user can't pause some downloading task.
  9. Fix: download dialog can't accept magnet URI.

uGet 1.99.2:

  1. "Enable offline mode on startup" is workable now.
  2. Don't do completion action if user stop download manually.

uGet 1.99.1:

  1. "Start in tray" is workable now.
  2. Show confirm dialog when user delete category.

uGet 1.99:

  1. Remove speed limit option in download property. Use global speed limit to replace it.
  2. "Force start" can work with Scheduler and Offline mode.
  3. Force shutdown aria2 on exit even if aria2 tasks running.
  4. Fix: Program crashes on exit.
  5. restore SSL cipher list to default value.

uGet 1.97.1:

  1. curl plug-in: change SSL cipher and restore default SSL version.

uGet 1.97:

  1. Refresh download status when user enable/disable scheduler.
  2. change SSL cipher list to avoid "SSLv3 alert handshake failure".
  3. Remove some duplicate strings.
  4. Update translation files.

uGet 1.95:

  1. curl plug-in: Program must get file timestamp even if file has existed.
  2. curl plug-in: Enable infinite retries if retry limit is zero.
  3. aria2 plug-in: "max-concurrent-downloads" is global option, don't use it with gid.
  4. aria2 plug-in: add "split" option to avoid less connections if user specify mirrors.
  5. aria2 plug-in: global speed limit must set correct value.
  6. Remove line breaks from setting of clipboard monitor and aria2 arguments.
  7. Add missing files.

uGet 1.93:

  1. aria2 plug-in: support RPC authorization secret token (Aria2 v1.8.4 new feature)
  2. update uGet RSS every 30 minutes.

uGet 1.91:

  1. First uGet2 beta version.


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What's changed in uGet2: (2014-07-06)

Part 1. curl plug-in:

  1. support multi-thread downloading.
  2. support mirrors.
  3. support aria2 control file format ver 1 (aria2 v1.4.1).
  4. It can allocate file by its size before downloading.
  5. uGet1's downloaded file can't be resumed by uGet2. It is not compatiable.

Part 2. aria2 plug-in:

  1. better BitTorrent and metalink support.
  2. support JSON-RPC batch request to improve remote aria2 downloading.
  3. support aria2 "--out" argument to set output filename.
  4. support RPC authorization secret token (Aria2 v1.8.4 new feature)
  5. add "split" option to avoid less connections if user specify mirrors.

Part 3. Application:

  1. Every category has it's data file. (file format is JSON)
  2. Program can set priority for each download in global speed limit mode.
  3. Auto classifier by file extension, host, and scheme.
  4. User can change category order.
  5. All data files use JSON format. (not compatiable with uGet 1)
  6. Global speed control can affect all plug-ins.
  7. Skip existing URLs from clipboard and command-line.

Part 4. GTK+ User interface:

  1. New setting dialog.
  2. Adjust category selector in main window for touch screen.
  3. Remember category selection and paned position.
  4. Program can sort all downloads by status.
  5. Program can launch custom command when download complete.
  6. Remove feature: launching app for specified file types.
  7. Don't notify completed if error occurs. It will notify error.
  8. Banner can show uGet RSS message.
  9. provide uget-1to2 (or uget-gtk-1to2) to convert setting from old uGet files.


Are you excited about uGet 2.x as much as we are? Either way, let us know in the comments section below or if preferred just make a reply on the forum.

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