uGet 2.0.4: (2016-01-01)

  1. save and restore width of download column.
  2. adjust schedule form for large font size.
  3. in speed limit mode, program adjust speed when downloading start-up.
  4. use filename from RPC request to match category if URL doesn't contain filename.
  5. curl plug-in: use posix_fallocate() to preallocate space for a file on Linux.
  6. curl plug-in: use SetEndOfFile() to preallocate space for a file on Windows.
  7. Fix: program crash when simultaneously download > 32 files.
  8. Fix: Can't save height of summary area.
  9. Add compressed 256x256 icon for Windows 7.

uGet 2.0.3: (2015-11-11)

  1. curl plug-in: update control file path if download file was renamed.
  2. curl plug-in: update downloaded size after loading aria2 control file.
  3. curl plug-in: update file size when allocating disk space.
  4. Don't show border in right side of setting dialog.


We are so excited for the future of uGet, are you? Let us know in the comments section below what you think of this new version and the future of uGet or if preferred just make a reply on the forum.

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