Existing & Potential uGet Translators

To all uGet Translators please create an account on Transifex so we can add you to your respective language team.


  1. Signup for an account at Transifex [screenshot]
  2. Verify your email address, Login and go to the uGet project page.
  3. Choose your language you want to translate or if it isn't there then click the "Request Language" button. [screenshot]
  4. If you are requesting a new language then select or search for it in the new box that opened. [screenshot]
  5. If your language exists, click on the Language link and then the "Join Team" button on the next page. [screenshot]
  6. Click on the current resource file, as of this writing it is 1.10.4.po, and you will see a popup box.
    1. click the "Translate Now" button to use the awesome Transifex editor. [screenshot]
    2. Download the file for use offline and then upload your changes
  7. Transifex Editor is Awesome because of this, click Translate Now, on the next page
    1. choose the option "Untranslated" and then [screenshot]
    2. you will see all of the lines on the left sidebar be sorted by only showing untranslated lines.


Once you join a uGet Translation Team and submit translations, you will be added to the "About" page which can link to whatever site you want it to or to just your Transifex profile.

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