Original Post from March 4th, 2014:

I've added a new Feedback page, updated the About uGet page, improved the homepage a bit, integrated the blog comments and forum posts with the main website and a few more things. As of 1.10.4, there will be a "Check for Updates" option in uGet so I've created a new section that lets you easily check if you are running the latest version of uGet at any time.


These are cool but the most noticeable and largest update to the website is in the Downloads section. Fairly, recently I've heard a few people refer to uGet as an "Ubuntu app" and while I don't have anything against Ubuntu this really annoyed me because uGet is MUCH more than an app for just one distro. In fact, the uGet project spans across all of the Linux community in basically every distro. I'm sure there is some silly distro somewhere that doesn't have uGet available but I couldn't find it. :)


I decided to revamp the Downloads section to show just how far spread across the Linux community that uGet really is so I created specific pages for 12 different distros. Each page includes direct downloads for install and also instructions on how to install uGet from the official repo of the specified distro...on occasion there are a couple distros that we recommend not to use the offical repo so we used these pages to make note of that.


This section also includes a new page for the Source Code including details of how to fork the project to use via Git and of course a download of the .Tar.Gz archive. I then made a page for the Windows version of the app, mostly for consistency. :)


Finally I created a page that explains what the aria2 Plugin is and why you might want to use it. If you decide to use it then you can then just choose your Linux distro to be taken directly to the installation instructions. Hopefully, this new change will help people with the previous confusion about the plugin.


Although I've made a lot of updates to the website I still have a fair amount left to do so back to work...

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