We've had a donation button in the past but never emphasised it or asked for donations specifically because we are doing this project because we are passionate about it and we wanted this kind of app for ourselves. However, it is increasingly becoming harder and harder for us to find time to work on the project, even though we do as much as possible, so we've decided to finally ask for some help.


If you can spare a few dollars, we request that you send it to us so we can devote more of our time to the project than we can afford to now. We aren't trying to get rich off this Donation Drive or this project, obviously considering it has taken us over a Decade to actually ask for the donations. :)


Any amount of money would be appreciated but please donate as much as you can in a single donation so the "processing fees" aren't too high of a impact on the transactions. We are currently using PayPal for donations but we do have plans to add other methods.


Which brings me to my question, how would you prefer to donate to uGet? We are open to any methods as long as we can make them worth while as uGet is very important to us and we want to make it last for as long as we possibly can.


What do you think about crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and etc.? Should we offer a way to donate through one or many of those?

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