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uGet for Android

uGet for Android

uGet for Android brings the awesome features of uGet Download Manager that you enjoy on your computer to your Phones & Tablets.

custom slackbuild icon faenza style uGet 1.4.5 on Google's Play Store

How to Install WITHOUT the Play Store

Note* - You will first need to have Unknown Sources Enabled before you will be able to do this. Here is a written tutorial to explain how this is done and here is a video tutorial to explain it.

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1. Download the APK to your phone
2. Open the apk in your phone, via ES File Explorer or whatever.
3. Choose the install option from the next window.
4. Press "Done" to complete the process and give uGet a try.

How to Install and Setup Aria2 via uGet for Android

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  • Get aria2 for Android from
  • Step 2. Install aria2c to your device.
    If you have adb, you can use below commands to install:
    $ adb shell push aria2c /data/local/tmp
    $ adb shell chmod 755 /data/local/tmp/aria2c
  • Setup uGet App:
    • Select Menu -> Settings
    • Choose Aria2 plug-in options
    • Enable Run aria2 in this device
    • Setup Path to /data/local/tmp/aria2c

Downloadable Packages