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Unfortunately, uGet doesn't actually work on Mac OS X. Yet.

We apologize if it seems like we were trying to trick anyone but actually we made this page because we want to request some help with bringing uGet to Apple's OS X.

The uGet team is comprised entirely of Linux users which is why we put so much emphasis on Linux. We are able to create the uGet for Windows Portable App because Microsoft makes it easy for us to have a development environment in Virtual Machines so even though we are not Windows users, we have access to create a package for it.

Apple's OS X development process requires that we have Apple computers to develop for their platform. We do not consider a minimum fee of $600 (USD) to be a reasonable requirement so we are stuck in a limbo of wanting to support it but unable to do so.

That is why we created this page...if you are a OS X User and a Software Developer (or know someone) who would be willing to help we would very much appreciate it.

Mac OS X important noteIf so, please let us know via our Feedback Form!