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Install via the official uGet PPA

By using the official uGet PPA repository, ppa:plushuang-tw/uget-stable, you will be kept up to date with the latest versions of uGet automatically through Ubuntu's Software Updater.

Current Stable Version: 2.0.10

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Beta/Development PPA

The uGet Beta/Development PPA repository, ppa:plushuang-tw/uget-devel, is for people who want the absolute latest versions of uGet even if they aren't officially ready for everyone. If you are not comfortable with Beta software, please do not use this PPA however if you are comfortable with it and want to help test future versions then that would be great.

Current Development Version: 2.1.6

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Install via Ubuntu's Software App

The goal of the Ubuntu's Software App is to provide stable tested packages for Ubuntu users, this is a great thing but it can also result in some packages being outdated and unfortuantely uGet is one of the outdated apps.

We do not have the ability to ensure our latest versions are available in the default repository due to the way Linux Repositories are structured so this is why we suggest using our PPA instead. If you are interested in knowing what is the latest versions available in the official Ubuntu Repos then you can find that info below.

Packages Available in the official Ubuntu repository:

  • Zesty Zapus (17.04) = 2.0.8
  • Yakkety Yak (16.10) =
  • Xenial Xerus (16.04) = 2.0.2
  • Trusty Tahr (14.04) = 1.10.4
  • Precise Pangolin (12.04) =
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1. Open the USC and search for uget
2. Enable the "Universe Repository" when prompted.
3. Click the Install button on the uGet USC page.
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Install the aria2 Plugin

We recommend installing the aria2 Plugin via Ubuntu Software, or apt, because the repo versions are up to date enough for the features used in uGet.

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