crash when setting runnable and scheduler is on

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crash when setting runnable and scheduler is on

Postby Ardeshir81 » Thu Jan 19, 2017 6:39 pm

HI! Thank you for this great download manager. It worked well until tonight I tried to manually change what downloads should be running while my scheduler is on. because I gave a list of more than three downloads to the software . but it crashes.
I attached a recorded screen of all the process!
In this video I try to move two of my downloads to queue (set them as runnable) and as a result start my top two downloads.
It's alright until scheduler is off. But as I turn on the scheduler, strange things start to happen. not just that time, almost forever I opened uGet I opened a freezed software. I struggled a lot to fix this, I removed and reinstalled uGet, didn't work, rebooted system, didn't work, tried killing the process, but none of them worked. Finally I found the config files and found out the scheduler setting at the last of "Setting.json" file. turned it off and it worked normally again. But whenever I try something similar with scheduler on, I get that crash again.

Its the link to vide o : ... lQYjQ/view

Thank you! : )

++meanwhile I had lots of trouble uploading my video here . first .mkv is not allowed -> convert to mp4 -> mp4 is not allowed -> archive to .zip -> maximum file size is 256 :)))
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Re: crash when setting runnable and scheduler is on

Postby chhuang » Sat Feb 11, 2017 5:04 am

This bug should be fixed. Update your uGet to new version.
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