Great Quickbooks Add-On Technology

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Great Quickbooks Add-On Technology

Postby leesmith » Fri Nov 17, 2017 2:29 am

Often we get caught up in client work, day to day life, and time just flies by. So when do you have time to research new QuickBooks add-on technology? So let's talk about a couple of my favorite QuickBooks Add-on technologies, DepositNow! A/R and BillQuick. How many of you have clients that have 50 or more checks to deposit? What a time consuming task. How do get around it and still look like the hero to the client?

DepositNow! A/R from Bank Serv allows businesses to remotely deposit.

o Remote deposit saves time by getting your money to the bank without going there.
o All deposits will be updated in the company file for both QuickBooks and Peachtree automatically.
o Each time you scan a check DepositNow! matches it to the correct customer and receives the payment in QuickBooks or Peachtree.
o DepositNow! can keep track of returned checks and automatically updates your books.

Pricing: A small business can subscribe for as little as $29.00, but pricing can vary due to the number of checks scanned. A scanner can run about $225.00 or more please reference the site for more details.

Are you looking for a Time Tracking/Project Management/ Billing Software? How about Bill Quick?

o BillQuick specifically targets Professional Service companies, Architects, Attorneys, Accountants, and Consultants etc. It helps professional service firms with billing for their services in a variety of different ways hourly, fixed pricing, percentage complete, recurring etc.
o BillQuick can produce 100's of invoices at a click of a button, invoices emailed automatically; Billing Wizard analyzes time and expense and can automatically create invoices.
o BillQuick great reports detailing profitability by client employee, engagement or activity and more.
o BillQuick integrates with QuickBooks, Microsoft Office Accounting, Microsoft Outlook, Peachtree, and MYOB. It is also compatible with Windows Vista.

QuickBooks add-on technology can really work in your favor to help streamline your client and bring value to the work you provide to your client.

Laurie O'Neil, an Advanced Certified QuickBooks Advisor, is the founder of Innovative Financial Services, LLC a national bookkeeping firm located in Hartford, CT who offers advice to other freelance bookkeepers and business owners.

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