Nuances Of Property Management Applications That Are Compati

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Nuances Of Property Management Applications That Are Compati

Postby leesmith » Fri Nov 17, 2017 4:23 am

Without using computers, hardly any business can sustain and grow nowadays. This is applicable for real estate sector as well. Both realtors and landlords resort to various applications to manage aspects of their businesses. When you select such software to manage nuances of your property renting or selling business, a few aspects need to be checked carefully. Ease of use, up gradation and scalability are important factors in this context. However, you also need to look into accounting features present in such an app.

Importance of Quicken Integration in Real Estate Management Apps

When you use an application to rent or sell property, managing financial aspects become mandatory. You have to keep track of aspects like pending rents, booking amount for a property, invoice generation for tenants and so on. Quicken is feature laden financial management software that can fulfill such needs with ease. The benefit of this app is that it integrates with a number of real estate software. So, when you buy a property management application, ensure it is compatible with Quicken.

Types of property management software supporting Quicken

You can use various types of rental or real estate property apps that support Quicken.

Standalone apps used to be a favorite with landlords and realtors. Many realtors are still using such packages. While they are useful for small sized organizations, they are not very cost effective in long run.

Of late, popularity of cloud based rental software has gone up significantly. These apps do not need to be installed on individual PCs like traditional apps. You can use them from computers and handheld devices as long as there is browser and web connectivity options. They need users to create profiles online and register before using. These online apps can import data from Quicken and export to it. They also have online payment and tracking system embedded.

Aspects to check when buying Quicken compatible property apps

Help and resource material is a prerequisite when you buy rental management or real estate apps that support Quicken. This can be necessary especially if your company is going to use property management apps for the first time or opting for Quicken Integration.

Printed/Physical Resource

Generally, standalone properly management software sellers offer CDS, or printed material to offers help documentation and resource to customers. These resources are handy for training employees in your company about nuances of both the app and Quicken. While such resources are useful, the drawback is that over prolonged use, they may get worn out. The possibility of losing them is also there.

Online Resource

Companies that make web based and Quicken compatible property management apps offer the help documentation and support material in web formats. While some of them offer HTML based documentation, there are others that offer PDF documents that can be downloaded and printed by users. However, there are some companies that offer video based tutorials and user guides. A big advantage of web based training material is that you can access them anytime and the risk of loss or damage does not exist.

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