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Tuesday, 02 October 2012 16:20 | Written by Michael Tunnell


The uGet Project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the latest release of uGet with version 1.10.2. PPA users will be updated automatically but others can get the latest version from our Downloads page.


uGet 1.10.2 is primarily a bug fix release but it also includes some new keyboard shortcuts to make downloading even better.


New Shortcuts:

Enter = opens the downloaded file

Shift + Enter = opens the file's containing folder.

Delete = deletes the entry from inside of uGet

Shift + Delete = deletes the entry and the file ("Delete File and Data")


To read the 1.10.2 changelog or to comment about this release, please click the "Read more..." link.


Comments and Feedback are always welcomed...we have provided a comments section below but you may also post your comments on the forum in reply to the announcement thread. -

Changelog - 1.10.2 Entry

01. Display "unnamed URL" if no filename specified.
02. Add new hotkeys: Enter, Shift+Enter, Delete, and Shift+Delete.
03. Don't assign filename even if program accept '--quiet' argument.
04. Hide aria2 console window in Windows platform.
05. Program can build with gstreamer-1.0 (auto detect by autoconf).
06. update Italian translation file.

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